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Drama: Just Between Lovers

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Setelah setengah tahun kemarin tidak ada niatan untuk nonton drama dengan serius, yang mana artinya tonton sedikit lalu tinggal, akhirnya aku meniatkan diri untuk paling tidak menyelesaikan tanggungan drama dan serial tv dan buku (lho kok banyak?) yang sudah aku mulai tahun ini. Tidak ada yang memaksa tapi rasanya ada yang mengganjal seperti habis makan di kantin tapi lupa bayar. (more…)


Buku: Laut Bercerita

Iseng jalan-jalan ke toko buku setelah lama tidak berniat beli buku 2 tahun belakangan. Mumpung ada sedikit rejeki lebih dan waktu kosong, kenapa tidak kembali menghidupkan kembali hobi lama? Pikir saya waktu itu. Tidak ada tujuan khusus buku apa yang mau dibeli, saya cuma mengitari berbagai rak buku sambil mencari yang menarik minat saya. Akhirnya saya putuskan untuk membeli 2 buah novel, salah satunya adalah Laut Bercerita karangan Leila S. Chudori.


I’m fine

I have lived a normal life since forever. That life path most people take and consider as normal. I went to quite good schools with also quite good grades, I hang out with friends, I took extra lessons. I also have normal hobbies. Books and movies are my absolute companion, up until now. The problem is that life was already set up for me without even me participated to decide. To make it worse, foolish me, never have the gut to argue or complain. They say, the elder knew what’s the best for us. As long as you follow it, you’ll be safe and sound. Yes, I have to say that I’m fine, I’m safe. But thinking of it, is this kind of ‘fine’ I’m really looking for? Maybe no, because the more I think of it this feeling is just swallowing me down. I feel terrible, envy, and so ugly.  I don’t need to save a face because I don’t think I have any. So yeah, I’m fine but not ‘fine’.

A letter for dearest one

I don’t realize that I’ve been bewitched.

Your sharp gaze that pierce me right whenever our eyes met

Your soothing voice that accompany my sleepless night

Your rough fingers, a result of consistent guitar practice, that caress my messy hair. I find that very soft

Your thin lips forming a smile every moment. But my favorite is when they claim what theirs. It’s a perfect fit. And after that your smile getting wider.

But that’s only a few of many other things that makes me fall for you, hard. Falling in love is already hard and I have to feel it everyday because of you.

So dearest B, I write this not so fancy and pretty letter for you as I now that I’m less capable in showing affection. I know you understand it, you said that you knew I care and cherish you in my own way. But I can’t help it anymore, I think I need to at least showing you once in a lifetime. So remember and carve this.

I, this not so pretty girl, will always thankful for anything that you’ve done for my sake. They’re just little acts that you may considered nothing but I find that endearing. That’s just how considerate you are. You know how to handle my crankiness that my parents have already gave up.  Don’t get tired of me, I’ve only show you a little side of me, you need to anticipate more.

With love, you short messy hair girl, A

7-7-2017, 11.31 PM


Little notes:

I kinda messed up my mind while writing this. If you feel this is pretty awkward, I’m sorry. I think I read too much fluffy stories, goddamn -__-

How We Met

We met accidentally

On a sunny day between May

The melody came abruptly

So suddenly

Intense and no space in between

That’s how I likely describe you

One time encounter lead to another

How people know each other

Never fail to fascinate me

God never made one the same as others

It may look same for them

Only you and me know the difference



Another scribble from my journal, I’m sorry if this is not post worthy. Feels like I’m dealing my puberty phase once again. You know, that hella emotional rides, emo feeling, the almost depressed playlist, shutting myself and self loathing. I should post my graduation notes actually but recently words are rebelling with me. Haha, enough with incoherent rambling. Happy Tuesday y’all

People in Denial

To put up with a certain character, we often denying our own realities. We’re trying so hard to be different, edgy, classy, etc you name it, just to get acknowledgement. Some people may, in reality, indeed a unique one but there are also others that just making up their own. When, honestly, the only one who give a damn about them is just themselves. Maybe, me too, doing that. Typical type trying so hard on herself just for some recognition from society.


October 10th, 2017


“Are you okay?”

“If you see me like me in daily basis, I assume I’m fine”

“You…you look perfectly fine. but your eyes never betray you. You’re troubled.”

“What do you know? Forget that I’m the best con-man in town? No, nation to be exact.”

“Boastful as usual. but you forget this too, you can’t lie in front of me, not even once. Try me! I’m the best at reading your face.”

“Fine then, Why do you always talk back to me like that?”

“Don’t try to change the subject! It’s about YOU now.”

“I’m tired, sweetheart. Let me rest, okay?”

“…..Tea time at 4, Hudson’s. You know that, rite?”


Somewhere between A.M



I found some old scribbles in my journal and decided to post it here. Cringey? I know that well, LOL. It’s been edited a bit tho. Maybe I’ll post some more, or not. ehe