Day: June 4, 2017

I’m sentimental

So, how’s life? Not so good but I’m still here safe and sound. Anyway, it’s June already, guys!! JUNEEE!!! We’re passing half of the year already, guys!!!! WHY SO FAST!!!!! Sorry for being exaggerated, can’t help it 😦

‘How is your final project going?’

Uh, please don’t start this -_- but, I’m working on it anyway bcs I must finish it this month too.

The point of this post? None, haha as usual 😀 This blog has been my another trash bin after my twitter account. Incoherent posts, random talks, unnecessary exclamation marks are scattered everywhere. I just need to write about anything comes up in my mind right now.

I’m easily overwhelmed by literally almost anything nowadays. Yeah I know my appearance may look like IDGAF but lowkey I’m just a sentimental potato (what the heck is that?). You heard me dude, I’m a sentimental and a potato, that’s it =_= Okay back to that sentimental thing, weirdly enough I have cried over some songs recently. This is really creepy, guys. Idk is it the song that is too good or me just being in weird mode. The lyrics is not even relatable to my life -_-

Other than song that makes me crying like sh*t, I wanna tell you my current fave song that makes me smiling from ear to ear hehe. I know nothing about musical knowledge but this sounds sweet to me 🙂 Yeah, another korean music from me. Day6 – Man in A Movie

P.S Dude, I’ve been into this band for the past few months. I know them during their debut from my sister but I started listening to their music last year. It’s getting crazier for these past few months because they release 2 songs very month this year. I’m falling into another blackhole hahaha. If you happen to see my fangirling tweets recently and get annoyed, I apologize in advance. Anyway, they will  come to Jakarta in August for fanmeeting, hope I can attend it ._.