Finally, last episode of Reply 1988 aired this week. Kinda unexpected, though i have already felt something gone wrong since episode 10. I’m in Team Junghwan :”. For those who followed this series must already know why most of viewers feeling disappointed.

Thank you Kim Junghwan for being the most unexpected second lead ever, you’re still my fave TT_______TT /imliterallycrying/

junghwan sayang 3.gif

I’m really expecting for your next projects, Ryu Jun Yeol 🙂

junghwan sayang 2.jpg
It’s just a drama, but can’t I envy their friendship? :”
junghwan sayang.jpg
Good bye, my sunken ship :”(

And lastly, good bye to Reply 1988. Thank you for delivering such a beautiful series, not only about the husband hunting plot but the family, friendship, and dream 🙂

image cr: tumblr


a brokenhearted fangirl


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