After exam…

National examination had been done!!! So, I don’t wanna share about my feeling or any opinions towards this year examination, you can see in  the news and conclude it by yourselves. All I can do now is just praying and praying, wishing for the good results. So, after this exam automatically me and my friends  as 12th grader have been officially ‘unemployed’ about three months. I have set some plans to fill up this soon to be boring days, beside study for college entrance, DRAMA MARATHON! I have been dying to watch some dramas in this few months but preparation for exam is just killing me :(( But, till now i hv only finished with “School 2013” (gonna make lil review after this). Actually, I want to continue watching “I Miss You” but I think it’s more comfortable to watch something that no need to think hard and waste tissue papers at first for “warming up”.  Something like melodrama and espionage things, I’ll save it for next time. Beside “drama marathon”, hanging out with friends is a must! Some playing schedule hv been set up hihihihi. Excited for the execution time, huahahaha. See ya!! Happy super long holidays, 12th graders!!!!!!!!


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