Movie Night : A Werewolf Boy

A Werewolf Boy movie poster
A Werewolf Boy movie poster

Hey wussup yo!! how’s life?? kkk~~ I’m getting busy with school stuffs now, national exam is approaching on April and it makes me kinda nervous. 50 days left on high school, feeling happy and sad at the same time. And college entrance thingy is also making things pffttt…… Just pray and do the best 🙂

By the way, this saturday night me and my sister choose to watch a movie for refreshing our minds lil bit after stuck up in those pile of lessons for weeks. And our decision goes to “A Werewolf Boy”!!!!! Finally, after desperately waiting for this movie subbed, i could watch it tonight *sobs* I’m not gonna post the synopsis bcos it has been on everywhere. You can easily find it, even the spoiler ;))

Well, I think I can understand why this movie became a box office at Korea even beaten the Hollywood ones. Of course, you can’t deny the Song Joongki effect but overall this movie is just GREAT!!!! Actually, the story is simple and not really complicated but the casts is beyond amazing. I have to give a standing applause for Song Joongki and Park Boyoung for their great acting skills!!! They successfully made me sobs in the middle of the night. Maybe I’m getting biased here but Joongki proved himself as a talented actor. This werewolf character is really difficult, i can say. He didn’t talk for the whole scene, it’s only twice!!! On his first talk, he said “kajima” (don’t go) …………holysh*t, my tears bursting out uncontrollably!! It’s too sad, I can’t bear it!! Even for Soon Yi (Park Boyoung) it must be difficult to make him go, not to follow her, to hate her for the sake of his life. This scene for sure is a climax TT________TT

But the simple word “gidaryeo” (wait) was like a magical spell to Cheol Soo (Song Joongki). He was really waiting her for years, waiting her to comeback and patted his head like usual, to show her that he could write and read fluently now. And thanks god, I’m crying again TT_______TT

Pffttt~ I think I have to stop now, or I’ll spoil everything here hihihi. For you who haven’t watched it yet and kinda interested, here I give you the trailer 🙂

cr: CJEntertainmentUSA


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