My me2day account hihihi

WUSSUP YO! I HAVE A ME2DAY ACCOUNT BRO! after a long long long time some of my friends made them, i have just signed up to this korean micro-blogging site a few hours ago hehehe ^^v. Actually i don’t have any interest at all with it because i have had a twttr account so i think it will useless to make a me2day one -.-

But this afternoon when i opened my tumblr account, i found something interesting. it’s a shawol that had a chat with shinee member, dinodumbjonghyun, via me2day (u can see the post in my tumblr, i reblogged it ^^). WOW, i didn’t know that we can have a chat room by using me2day. Then suddenly, i had found myself opened me2day site and clicking ‘sign up’ button. After it’s all finished, i’m confused what shoud i do with it then. I just want to have a chat with a korean idol but of course i don’t know when they will online. When you are luck, you are online when the idols online too. But i can’t always open the site all time only to spot an idol and have a chat wif them, just like a lucky draw or gambling. So, after thinking a while i decided to use it as a spamf and frontal place because i think that my twttr can’t do it anymore. I have disturbed other people by my pointless tweets though they don’t complain til now. Moving to quiet place it’s the best choice for now on. Don’t be scared, i’ll not leave my twttr account,but maybe just reduce updating status.

That’s my me2day history, what about you?? ^^


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